The hardness of new stone materials, such as quartzites, has made it necessary to adapt the slab polishing lines through the introduction of innovative machines and technologies to obtain a uniform slabs surface.

Pedrini's answer to these new requirements is the GALAXY B220CG calibrating and polishing machine. GALAXY B220CG is equipped with a sequence of operating heads, with diamond milling tools in the first positions and oscillating sectors in the following ones. This positioning is particularly effective when it is necessary to remove residual imperfections from previous processing operations and to hone the slabs surface.

The main steps to achieve a perfect calibration

The diamond milling heads, called Aquila heads, work in combination with touch probes positioned on the roller bench at the machine entrance. The probes read the slab thickness so that the calibrating machine automatically sets the centesimal adjustment of each head according to the set removal parameter.
Then, the Antishock heads with tilting sectors carry out the honing phase through a perfectly linear contact between abrasives and material.
The operating heads are mounted on exclusive ROTOR spindles patented by Pedrini, characterised by a system of counterpressure movements supplied as standard.


GALAXY B220CG is a robust, reliable and flexible machine capable of processing all types of material while maintaining the integrity of the slab even with thicknesses as thin as 10 mm.

GALAXY B220CG is designed, manufactured and installed to meet the customer's needs, assuring high production performance, a very high degree of honing with low operating and maintenance costs.