The innovative GALAXY B220GX-T3 polishing machine by Pedrini is equipped with three moving beams and is designed to perfect the slab polishing process as well as the processing of new stone materials.

GALAXY B220GX-T3 moves the three beams synchronously or independently, allowing to simultaneously manage slabs with different widths, without the need to totally empty the machine at each batch change, as is the case with single-beam polishers.

In addition, the three moving beams make it possible to optimize the use of tools in the three processing stages: honing, pre-polishing and polishing.

In addition to a new software with intuitive graphics, GALAXY B220GX-T3 is also equipped with the best available technologies to meet the requests of an increasingly demanding and future-oriented market.

The advantages of the Galaxy B220GX-T3

  • Increased production capacity with reduced downtime
  • Tools optimization thanks to different beam speeds
  • Cutting-edge automation technology