The perfect polishing of granite slabs on industrial scale requires a modern line equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
Pedrini provides the most complete solutions to meet the requirements of each customer ensuring high production performance, high polishing quality with low operation and maintenance costs.

The polishing machine GALAXY B220GX works with a series of polishing heads equipped with abrasives with increasingly finer grain as the processed material proceeds from the machine entrance to the exit. The polishing heads are mounted on exclusive Rotor spindles patented by Pedrini, characterised by a system of counterpressure movements supplied as standard.

GALAXY B220GX is sturdy, reliable and flexible machine capable of polishing with the maximum accuracy all types of granite and quartzite while preserving the integrity of the slab even with thickness as thin as 10 mm.

GALAXY B220GX is the result of Pedrini’s technological know-how which, with many years of experience in the business and more than 600 models produced, is a reliable partner, able to answer with highly innovative solutions to the real plant engineering needs of the companies processing natural stone.


Galaxy B220GX, excellence in polishing granite slabs

  • High speed

  • Best quality

  • Maximum yield

  • Exclusive technologies

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Greatest reliability


Tailored solutions for every need

Each polishing line is set according to the available spaces and is customized thanks to the use of a wide range of options, machines and auxiliary equipment designed to meet any kind of production need and automation level.


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