SPECTRA is the planetary calibrating machine designed by Pedrini for the thickness grinding of natural stone slabs such as marble, granite and quartzite. SPECTRA can process engineered materials as well.

SPECTRA is able to process slabs with a variable thickness from 10 to 100 mm and is available in two versions according to the slabs maximum machinable width.


Maximum slab width

2200 mm 1700 mm

Calibrating group diameter

2350 mm 1850 mm

Independent tool-holding spindles

24 18


Each SPECTRA calibrating group is composed of the exclusive Grifone head which uniformly works on the whole slab surface ensuring planarity and regularity of the final thickness.

The Grifone head is equipped with diamond tools radially placed on a circumference with a diameter larger than the processing width. The Grifone heads consist of a rotating structure on which a group of independent electro-spindles is mounted. Each electro-spindle is equipped with a 205mm-diameter diamond tool.

The slabs polishing lines that include SPECTRA can be customized to process just the slab upper surface or both surfaces.

SPECTRA is managed through a general control panel is located in a frontal position that includes a big size colour touch-screen display and other auxiliary controls. The operator can easily program the machine directly on the display, thanks to an intuitive software and without any keyboard. Through the touch-screen the operator can program and manage a wide range of operations, such as:

  • Machine start and stop automatic sequences
  • Conveyor belt speed
  • Manual height position of the head
  • Height position of the head according to the thickness reading
  • Ampere consumption of each individual spindle
  • Daily statistical production data (working hours, total processed square meters)
  • Total square meters and working hours, total processed square meters
  • Emergencies and downtime

An acoustic/light signal placed above the machine informs the operator about any possible warnings.


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