Pedrini, after many years of application of his own Research Centre and important collaborations with University Institutes, has patented the exclusive SOUNDSTONE® technological process which enhances the beauty and the strength of natural stones.

The technological process is a consolidation obtained by means of a deep soaking of semi finished elements such as slabs, strips and solid stones. The technology is dedicated, it is tailored on each stone, through the performance of a number of tests which ascertain the consolidation function and the parameters of the process cycle.

The polishing of the slabs treated with Soundstone® enhances the natural beauty of the stones colours. Each plant is customized and measured according to the demanded automation level, available area and requested output. Pedrini proposal is a tailored technology, which is patent covered and unique in the world.

The dynamic modulus of elasticity in the SOUNDSTONE® consolidated stones is 2/3 times higher after the consolidation treatment.

The SOUNDSTONE® plant works with minimum energy consumption and limited manpower.

SOUNDSTONE® does not pollute, it creates no disposal problem, not even in the disposal of sludge produced during cutting and polishing operations on the consolidated stones. SOUNDSTONE® neither contains resins and solvents nor does it produce dangerous smokes for human organism and for the environment. Its handling does not require any peculiar care.


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