MULTIWIRE JUPITER TECH12 is an open frame multiwire machine for the industrial production of 12mm-thick granite slabs that performs blocks fast cutting through a set of 5.3mm-diameter diamond wires. It is available in several versions which differ for the number of wires: 48, 60 e 108.

MULTIWIRE JUPITER TECH12 is part of a project that Pedrini started in 2019 to industrialize the processing of 12mm-thick slabs, from the natural stone blocks, such as granites and quartzites, to create a new, more versatile and lighter stone product.

MULTIWIRE JUPITER TECH12 has 6 patents and it stands out for its flexibility, reliability, state-of-the-art technical solutions and for its high production capacity. The new multiwire machine by Pedrini radically increases the block yield to 55,5m2 for each cubic meter.


The advantages of MULTIWIRE JUPITER TECH12

  • Solid: it represents the perfect synthesis between structural rigidity, dynamic balancing and accuracy in displacing and sliding
  • Versatile: it is available in the versions of 48, 60 and 108 wires and therefore it is suitable for all production requirement
  • Patented: it has exclusive and advanced patents which make it one of a kind
  • Precise: it grants an accurate and thin slab cut 
  • Flexible: it allows to manage the cutting of the block into slabs with different thicknesses
  • Reliable: it offers technical solutions designed and tested using state-of-the-art methods and materials, without using delicate or risky mechanical elements.
  • Practical: it simplifies the operator activities when managing both the diamond wire and the machine thanks to a “user-friendly” interface
  • Efficient: it is designed and manufactured to optimize the yield of the block and of the diamond wire
  • Complete: it easily integrates with the plants for slab processing

The advantages of a 12mm-thick slab

  • Lower transport costs
  • Lower installation costs
  • Less effort during all processing and application phases
  • Greater block yield
  • Less waste
  • More sustainable
  • Further expansion of the fields of application and use of natural stone slabs


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