MULTIWIRE JUPITER GS230 is a machine made by Pedrini that performs block cutting with a series of diamond wires for the industrial production of granite slabs.

It is available in several versions which differ for the maximum number of wires and for the diamond wire diameter (7,3 mm – 6,3 mm – 5,3 mm).

With GS230 it is possible to produced slabs with thicknesses between 2 and 10 cm simultaneously from the same block.

The flywheel of the multiwire machine rotates the diamond wires, which move vertically along two columns to cut the block into slabs. The diamond wires are tensioned by the combined action of the machine’s rigid structure and a hydraulic pressure system.

The wires are interspaced to obtain the slab thickness by means of special grooves in the flywheel covers and of the wire-guide rollers.
The automatic cutting cycles are programmed from a monitor using a user-friendly graphic interface.


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