The machines GENESIS GS141 and GS142, called giant disc sawing machines as well, are designed to cut blocks of natural stone - marble and granite - through one large diameter diamond disc.

The model GS141 is a stationary machine exclusively working with one mobile and motorized block carrier trolley.
The model GS142 is a mobile machine moving on two side rail tracks with blocks positioned on the ground.

GENESIS GS141 and GS142 by Pedrini are extremely reliable machines which maintain their efficiency over time thanks to the sturdiness and accuracy of their mechanical parts. The giant disc sawing machines GENESIS GS141-GS142 are versatile and make easy the cutting of shapeless or erratic blocks as well. The vertical cut is performed through a large diameter diamond disc which varies according to the chosen model.

GENESIS GS141 and GS142 are manufactured in the versions with motor power and peripheral speed specific for the cutting of marble, granite or other natural stones. A program for the working cycles management allows to vary the forwarding parameters of downfeed and cutting according to their hardness. The slabs obtained with the giant disc sawing machines GENESIS have different thickness and are normally targeted to the production of tombstone art, buildings and paving semi-finished products.

Pedrini GS141 - Fixed machine with mobile trolley



GENESIS GS141 structure is composed of a disc-holder bridge and two columns fixed to the foundations and connected to each other by a crossbeam.



Pedrini GS142 - Mobile machine sliding on tracks


GENESIS GS142 performs individual or sequential cuts on blocks placed on the ground in the area where the cutting unit moves. This system allows to program the cutting of several blocks and to perform 24/7 working cycles. The program allows to memorize the 0 points of the cut starting for each individual block through a self-learning system directly carried out by the operator through a mobile keypad.


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