The cutting centre Arco di Trionfo has been designed by Pedrini to cut granite blocks and other type of natural stones by means of a series of water-cooled diamond discs to get strips with pre-set thickness and height.

This machine is composed of three operational units: the vertical discs bridge, the horizontal disc bridge and the automatic unloader bridge. All these elements are perfectly synchronized moving on two side tracks.

The cutting centre is available in two models: M594 and M596 and both can be tailored according to the maximum processing sizes and to the required production capacity. The blocks are moved to the cutting area by proper motorized block carrier trolleys. The cutting centre is programmable with a user-friendly colour control panel, placed on the machine, to manage and display the various processing cycles.

The model M594 is composed of three independent units: vertical discs, horizontal disc and automatic unloader with suction cups, which synchronously move along the same tracks. A single big size trolley carries the granite blocks into the cutting area. The complete cycle time is determined by the quantity of vertical cuts to be performed.

Unlike M594, the three working units which compose the model M596 have a double width and move synchronously along the same tracks. M596 works with two independent trolleys which alternate the positions for vertical and horizontal cutting, ensuring 24 hour working shifts and high production capacity. Two motorized trolleys carry the granite blocks into the cutting area.


  • The height of the blocks for the production of modulgranito is generally selected in the quarry by choosing a size which is a multiple of the strip height to be cut.
  • The blocks width is usually selected according to the model of cutting centre and to the maximum number of discs to be used.
  • The raw granite strips, cut in different dimensions, are stored pending the finishing process.

Pedrini studies and suggests the best solutions to offer its customers an efficient plant for the granite blocks cutting into strips destined to the production of modulgranito.

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