FC Marmi e Graniti, one of Pedrini's historic partner company, has recently embarked on a technological innovation and plant expansion path to meet the needs of its major customers, in Canada and the United States, who are increasing their demand for fine materials from Italy. 

In fact, after having completed the renovation of the granite and lava stone processing lines that was concluded last year, it was the turn of the marble line. In particular, the Sicilian company decided to replace the marble resin line with a more technologically advanced one, also by Pedrini.

"It is a compact line, tailored for us to fit the available space and our production needs," explains Franco Caruso, owner of FC Marmi. "We needed a line that would guarantee speed and processing reliability in a relatively small space and with high technological features to be able to integrate with our Industry 4.0 system. And the choice could only be Pedrini, our trusted partner for years."

The plant features a 4-station Butterfly loader for effective book-match slab handling, a combined 10+40 drying and catalysis tower, and an innovative application area featuring a new automatic resin dispensing system. In fact, the application is designed so that the operator can easily work on all slab sides without the aid of a ladder.

To cut the precious marble blocks, the company can rely on the new 72-wire Jupiter GS230 multiwire machine for marble.
High cutting speed, ability to cut extremely fragile blocks, and excellent surface quality are the distinguishing features of the Pedrini multiwire that make it one of the most popular cutting machines.

Completing the marble line is a Pedrini polishing machine, an 18-head Galaxy B220MA purchased in 2016 that is still working at full capacity, ensuring excellent performance.