Pedrini Spectra calibrating machine for granite, marble and engineered materials

With almost 60 years of experience, Pedrini has always been one of the undisputed key players of the natural stone processing sector, being capable of great innovations in the design of machines and systems for the production of marble and granite slabs. It’s in this field that Pedrini decided to expand its product range with SPECTRA, the planetary calibrating machine to level the slabs thickness in a homogeneous way, ensuring their planarity and regularity.

SPECTRA is a very versatile machine that can process slabs of natural stone - marble, granite and quartzite - or engineered materials such as artificial stones. Spectra calibrates slabs of variable thickness from 10 to 100 mm and is available in two versions according to the slabs maximum machinable width: the first one can level slabs up to 1700mm wide while the second one up to 2200mm.

Pietro Berti Pedrini

 "To ensure an effective calibrating action, we have designed a special rotating head called Grifone head and we have filed two patents relating to its operation" - said Dr. Pietro Berti, Pedrini Research and Development Centre Manager.

Depending on the material processed, on the thickness to be removed and on the required conveyor forward speed, SPECTRA is equipped with one or more Grifone heads that work on the entire slab surface using rotating diamond tools.

SPECTRA can be used in a complete line to calibrate and possibly hone both surfaces of the slab. 


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