Multiwire Pedrini Tech12 at Alberti Stonework

After about a year since the installation of the first 48-wire Multiwire Jupiter Tech12 and 6 months since the start-up of the second Multiwire Jupiter Tech12 with 108 wires for the cutting of 12mm slabs, Pedrini has recently started up the third thin-cutting multiwire machine in Verona at Alberti StoneWork, a company that has been working for generations in the stone sector offering specialised services in the field of cutting and consolidating natural stone.

Back in 2019, Pedrini had already sensed that "The eye-catching beauty of natural stone has become thinner" starting to work on the industrialisation process of processing 12 mm thick slabs, from cutting blocks to creating a more versatile and lightweight finished product.

The Multiwire Jupiter GS230-GT60 Tech12 purchased by Alberti is one of Pedrini's flagships: an open structure multiwire machine that, with its 60 diamond wires with a diameter of 5.3 mm, performs the rapid cutting of blocks with a 55.5 m²/m³ yield. The machine has 5 patents and is characterised by its flexibility, reliability, state-of-the-art technical solutions and very high production capacity.

The production of thin and light slabs brings countless benefits: from an industrial point of view, waste is reduced thanks to an optimised block management and the block yield increases with evident benefits on production capacity. From a commercial point of view, transport and installation costs are reduced and the fields of application and use are further extended.

I have always wondered where my passion for stone came from and I discovered that the Alberti family has been working marble in Valpolicella since 1700," said Anselmo Alberti, CEO of Alberti Stonework. "I would like to continue this tradition and I am convinced that, with the Pedrini machines at our disposal, I will be able to offer an impeccable service to my customers. In fact, in addition to cutting blocks with different thicknesses from 1.2 to 10 cm, we can treat the slabs with the innovative SOUNDSTONE process patented by Pedrini for the consolidation of natural stones to make them water-repellent and enhance the natural beauty of their colours during the polishing phase”.