"Pedrini Multiwire machine Jupiter GS220 with 72 wires"

After the installation and start-up of a Pedrini polishing line for granite slabs in 2018 and after appreciating the potentialities of the slabs polisher Galaxy B220GB with 20 antishock heads for 7 abrasives which ensure a high polishing degree, the Indian company Anjalee chose to strengthen even its cutting department by investing in Pedrini Italian technology once again.

The recent installation of the new Pedrini Multiwire machine Jupiter GS220 with 72 wires for the granite blocks cutting ensures high cutting performances and offers to Anjalee many advantages both in economic and production terms. Pedrini multiwire machine, featured with exclusive and advanced patents which make it unique in its kind, is designed and manufactured to optimize the diamond wire yield and to assure, thanks to an extremely cutting accuracy, a high level of production efficiency.

"Lucidalastre Galaxy B220GB by Pedrini"
Slabs polisher Galaxy B220GB by Pedrini

This Multiwire Jupiter GS220 started up by Anjalee is the latest of many Pedrini installations in India in the last two years, confirming it as the most advanced and functional solution for the cutting of natural stone with diamond wire technology.

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