Pedrini Multiwire

Tam Stones purchased a Pedrini complete plant for the stone processing

SPA TAM STONES, an Algerian company belonging to Hasnaoui Group, has been on the market since 2015 establishing itself as the biggest firm for marble and granite processing on the African continent, reaching a daily production of 6500 sqm.

In the recent years the building activity in Algeria has well increased so to stimulate the local natural stone extraction and processing industry. In this vein, Tam Stones invested in the purchase of a license for various marble and granite quarries.
Identifying Pedrini as the only reliable partner, Tam Stones has purchased two stone processing plants.

A complete plant for the slabs production including:

two single wire machines and two double wire machines for the blocks squaring;

two Multiwire machines for granite Jupiter GS220 - 72 wires with 6,3 mm diamond wire;

two Multiwire machines for marble Jupiter GS220 – 72 wires, one with 6,3 mm diamond wire and one with 5,3 mm diamond wire;

• a polishing line for granite slabs with Galaxy B220GB with 20 heads;

• a polishing line for marble slabs composed of a polisher Galaxy B220MA with 8 heads complete with drying unit, plastering unit, UV ray ovens for the mastic gelling and catalysis and a polisher Galaxy B220MA with 18 heads;

• a resining line with a microwave oven B460MW which allows a remarkable reduction of the resin catalysis time, enables a deeper penetration and increases the polishing degree during the finishing operation. Moreover, it is equipped with an anthropomorphic robot for the automatic net and resin application;

• a cutline which allows the slabs cutting according to the customer’s needs, to the dimensions and the possible slabs natural flaws, to be removed thanks to the laser device placed at the beginning of the working process.


A tiles production plant composed of:

• a marble tiles production line equipped with two block cutters M585 with 34 discs with automatic unloader, a pre-polishing line with automatic loader and a calibrating/polishing machine B100MV-6 directly connected to a resining line with microwave oven B460MW and a robot for the automatic application of the resin;

• a marble tiles production line equipped with two 80 blade gang saws GS115, a polishing/finishing line with automatic loader, a grinding-polisher B100MV-4+4 and a polisher B100MV with 16 heads;

• a granite tiles production line composed of a cutting centre M596, a polishing/finishing line with automatic loader and a polisher B065GV.

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