Tenacity, enthusiasm for work, research and technology have permitted PEDRINI, in over 60 years of presence on the market, to reach and maintain a worldwide leading position in the manufacturing of machines and systems for the processing of Natural Stone such as marble and granite.

Pedrini is a privileged interlocutor which has proposed itself as a reliable partner able to meet the real requirements of new plants with solutions of high innovative content.

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In a context where factors such as innovation, quality and services become essential, the experience, the continuous investments in technology, research and human resources have enabled Pedrini to propose itself as a valid reference point on the worldwide market. A sales organisation formed by 8 area managers and 60 agents operating all over the world, ensures the consulting service, the technical/sales assistance and after-sales service in a constant and professional way. 

A high efficiency group which nowadays counts 120 employees on a covered area of over 30.000 m2

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The constant walk of an idea

The History

The working activity of Luigi Pedrini, founder of PEDRINI company, started in the early fifties as a simple worker in a company in Bergamo area producing cylinders for the textile and paper industry. At the beginning of the Sixties, he decided to set up his own company by buying a lathe with instalment payment and by obtaining orders from various mechanical companies in the same area.


The contracting history of Luigi Pedrini began in 1962, when PEDRINI was founded and started repairing the machines for the marble blocks cutting and producing spare parts.


The idea for a fundamental realization in the history of the company originated from this particular activity in 1967: the first manufacturing on its own of a complete marble block cutter equipped with technical forefront solutions for that time.


Values such as the accuracy for quality, the correctness and honesty in respects of customers have always distinguished the founder and have determined the great success of the company from this first own-manufactured machine. In a short time, PEDRINI became leader in the stone field distributing its products both in Italy and abroad.


So far specialised in the manufacturing of block cutters, in 1971 Luigi Pedrini decided to diversify the production range with the new polishing machine for marble with continuous cycle.


The deep knowledge of the stone sector and the experience achieved led Luigi Pedrini to start the first "revolution" in the marble field: the industrialisation of his up to then artisanal production.


PEDRINI created the first automatic line for the production of marble tiles with standard size typical for ceramic, bevelled upper edges and 10 mm calibrated thickness.


In the following years, the production of these tiles, called "MODULMARMO", has made the fortune of many companies, first in Italy and then on markets such as Greece, Turkey, Spain and Portugal, which are traditionally consumers and producers of marble products, remaining until today a product inextricably linked to the PEDRINI trade mark.


Because of his innovative spirit, Luigi Pedrini was not satisfied with such result. That is why he undertook a more arduous challenge: the industrialisation of the granite modular processing, deemed impossible due to the hardness of this material which had been cut for ages with steel blades, water, lime and steel shot.


1978 marked the manufacturing of the first multiple discs block cutter with diamond tools for the fast cutting of granite blocks and consequently of the automatic finishing line for the production of standard tiles which were named "MODULGRANITO".


The technological evolution of PEDRINI in the years has continuously given birth to winning machines and technologies which led the path in the natural stone field.


At the beginning of the Nineties, the company invested its resources in testing and manufacturing new solutions which completed the machinery range, allowing PEDRINI to stand out even in the field of slabs cutting, polishing and resining.


PEDRINI manufactures and installs the first slabs polishing line. In this way PEDRINI becomes a leading player even in the slabs polishing field, thus confirming the company as a reliable partner, which has grown in line with the changes of the international techno-stone field, and affirming its name in the main worldwide markets for the production of natural stones processing technology.


In the mid-Nineties, the company invested its resources in testing new solutions which extended the machinery range, allowing PEDRINI to stand out even in the field of slabs cutting, polishing and resining.


The first diamond blades gang saws for marble began to be manufactured by the factory in Carobbio degli Angeli. The production includes open frame gang saws with 30, 40, 50 blades and closed frame gang saws with 80 blades.


The cooperation with some university researchers led PEDRINI to develop the Soundstone® technological process for the consolidation of ornamental stone slabs.


PEDRINI has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design, production, installation and servicing of machinery for processing of marble, granite, ornamental stones and ceramic tiles This prestigious certification is still in force.


PEDRINI introduces to the market the polishing machine Galaxy equipped with the innovative coaxial patented Rotor spindles.


PEDRINI was the first company in the world to mass-produce resining plants for slabs equipped with microwave ovens, which allow the slabs in-line pre-polishing, resining and polishing.


After a deepened design study, the first Multiwire Jupiter machine equipped with 7,3 mm diamond wires is manufactured.


The first Multiwire Jupiter machine equipped with 6,3 mm diamond wires is successfully started up.


The evolution of the Multiwire Jupiter keeps going on with the installation of the first machine equipped with 5,3 mm diamond wires.


Pedrini inaugurated its new R&D Centre: a huge structure equipped with advanced technologies for the development of new projects, focused on Industry 4.0.


In the present and in the future, Pedrini will continue to grow and improve the efficiency and production capacity of its machines, innovating by investing in research and new technologies. Follow us on the natural route.