Enthusiasm, technology,
innovation for 50 years

Tenacity, enthusiasm for work, research and technology have permitted PEDRINI, in over than 50 years of presence on the market, to reach and maintain a worldwide leading position in the manufacturing of machines and systems for the processing of marble, granite and porcelain gres. 

PEDRINI is a privileged interlocutor which has proposed itself as a reliable partner able to meet the real requirements of new plants with solutions of high innovative content. When factors such as innovation, quality and services become essential, the experience, the continuous investments in technology, research and human resources have enabled PEDRINI to propose a valid reference point on the worldwide market.

A sales organisation formed by 8 area managers and 60 agents operating all over the world, ensures the consulting service, the technical/sales assistance and after sales service in a constant and professional way. 

A high efficiency group made not only by Pedrini Spa ad unico socio in Carobbio degli Angeli but also by NOVAMECH, with a factory in Calcinate for the precision mechanical machining and a factory in San Paolo d'Argon dedicated to the painting operations of the components. Nowadays tt counts 120 employees on a covered area of over 30.000 m2.